Raccoon Network


$RAC is the core token of the Raccoon Network and will be used in various ecosystems of the Raccoon Network in the future.
You may want to know how many tokens are reserved for the team, how many tokens are reserved for advisors, and how many tokens were sold to investors before. The answers are the same: Not at all.
Why? The total supply(amount) of $RAC will be determined by the amount of IVO only. This is the only factor that could affect the total supply.
So you could know IVO on this page (click "this page" to know)
Meanwhile, you're supposed to know how $RAC works in Raccoon Network:
Such as asset trading, Press, NFT minting, storage files, gamefi dApps, etc. $RAC is the first token whose total supply is determined by the number of IDOs.
We believe that the initial size of the project should be determined by the users who participated in the initial purchase. So we decided to carry out IDO in a time-limited and unlimited manner.
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