Raccoon Network

Initial Token

Good to know: As such, this section will provide an overview of the core token mechanics as well as the systems and the contexts in which they matter.
The Tokenomics will be totally different from another project. There is no Pre-sale and no reserved token for team or advisor. Only have 3 parts in the initial stage as you may follow:
1) IDO Part: Mint $RAC according to IDO price. For instance, we raised 1M USDT in the ido process, then we could mint 1M/0.00000001 = 100,000,000,000,000 $RAC
2) Add LP: In order to add LP(All LP tokens will be burned), we will mint 35% of $RAC which has been minted in the IDO.
3) Airdrop: The airdrop proportion will be used to promote $RAC in the Raccoon Network. 1% of IDO amount will be minted.