Raccoon Network

Our beliefs and goals

The destinations we aim to arrive
We first proposed the concept of Raccoon Network in 2021. The original idea was to create a game metaverse where players can build game worlds together. But we have seen a lot of failures in GameFi for a variety of reasons, but in the final analysis, users only use games as a tool, not a way of life.
This made us realize that games cannot carry what we want and have to create a whole new world. Now, web 3.0 - or the new Internet - is gradually becoming mainstream. The movie "Ready Player One" shows us the way of life of people in the future: what lives in the real world is the body, and what lives in the metaverse is the soul. The metaverse gives mankind a second life, where people work, live and fight, love, and realize their dreams.
The Raccoon Network's goal is to turn sci-fi into reality, and with the advancement of VR technology, the scenes in the movie are no longer out of reach. The goal of our team is to create a new metaverse world, bringing more value and life experience to users. Thanks to the Freedom protocol for providing us with a lot of technical support and advice as well as important financial support. We decided to join the free ecosystem and become the infrastructure platform of its metaverse.