Raccoon Network

Core features

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Privacy Metaverse

We’re tired of the endless privacy scams and leaks on the internet. All users must hand over all your information, including their phone number, email, and even KYC certification, before using any site or so called platforms.
Everyone could live in the Raccoon Network within a new digital identity(Raccoon ID). It provides the garden of metaverse which allows people work, join social, and live there.

Creating value of Data

Raccoon Network is also changing approaches to data use. a trading marketplace to allow all users to provide their service based on data protection, has built an online community for developers and Freelancers that incentivizes them to refer the best users for cases using “bounties” as a reward. For anyone tired of recruiters pocketing commission, or referring friends for jobs and receiving no reward, this is a solution. The platform makes you feel as if you are in the “metaverse” and bounties can either be cashed in or given to a charity.
We aim to reach 1 billion dollars trading volume after 1 year

Providing abundant web3.0 tools

Redefine the value of Data in Raccoon Network by using web3.0 tools. Raccoon Network is a platform that allows all programmers to deploy its dApps and contracts on our network, which supports web3.0 technology. Such as games, social dApps, 3D E-commerce, and a lot of other things related to the decentralized concept.
At the same time, Raccoon NFTs are proof of equity in the metaverse, all transaction royalties proceeds belong to all community users. The amount of Raccoon NFTs is fixed.