Raccoon Network


2022 Year:
Since Raccoon Network began its journey in 2021, our ecosystem has grown rapidly. Over 10k people have joined Raccoon communities to explore products and participate in various campaigns passionately.
We are grateful to be a part of your life, without your contribution, We have faith that Raccoon Network would not be able to have these achievements in the past. And in our roadmap, our efforts and your support are always a whole network.
2022 Q1:
  • Team start work remotely
  • Development: Contract V1
  • Product: Raccoon Network NFTs design & Website Design & UX
  • Partners: Get investment from top web3.0 platform(We got 1M USDT investment from Freedom Protocol)
2022 Q2:
  • Development: Contract release testnet, IVO test, and release the website
  • Cooperate:Collaboration with top global media and top global blockchain communities
2022 Q3:
  • Development: Web3 Cloud Infrastructure &IVO launch,&dApp launch
  • Trading: Pancakeswap launch
  • Market:Users reach 100,000+ & Become top10 project on Web3
2022 Q4:
  • Development: Blender model optimization& Web3 dApps SDK for Raccoon network
  • Product: Web3 Global Social dApp & Decentralized advertising platform
  • Eco: Raccoon network metaverse ecosystem framework building & Listed on Top5 EX
  • Market: Users reach 300,000+ & Become top5 project on Web3
2023 Year:
As a lightweight, low-cost, trustless bridge leveraging Raccoon network based computing technology, ChainBridge aims to extend this open-source technology to any blockchains, which is expected to provide a path for a large quantity of the liquidity of market value into the Binance ecosystem for use cases in smart contracts, DeFi, DEXes, etc.
2023 Q1:
  • Development: Raccoon Network Metaverse Ecosystem Enters Development Phase Product: Product: Web3 Series Tools & NFTs mint
  • Eco: Collaboration with several top Web3 projects to establish an interoperable metaverse world
  • Market: Users reach 1 million+ & Become top3 projects on Web3
2023 Q2:
  • Development: Raccoon Network Metaverse Ecosystem Testing and Optimization
  • Product: Raccoon Network Metaverse Inside Edition
  • Eco: Support 100 dApps of web3.0 to boost the development of metaverse
  • Market: Listed on Top1 EX
2023 Q3:
  • Development: XR software and hardware system access
  • Product:Release Beta version of Raccon Network
  • Eco:Global top100 Metaverse community in Raccoon Network
  • Market: Users reach 5 million+ & Become top1 project on Web3
2023 Q4:
  • An all-new SDK that will standardize RaccoonTimes development, making it easy to build new ParaTimes and allowing RaccoonTimes to communicate with one another.
  • A new RaccoonTime built by the Raccoon network Foundation is designed to give developers access to confidential smart contracts, and powerful new tools like a bridge with Ethereum.
  • Support for IBC allows easy communication with other networks using the protocol.
  • The launch of Raccoon as a RaccoonTime, bringing the 1000+ projects developing with the API full onto the Raccoon Network.
The 2024 Year:
Go live on GooglePlay with over 5 eco-assist apps. Develop own virtual reality device. Collaborate with Amazon for retail business. Establish offline metaverse pavilions around the world.
Progressive realization of engaging global citizens in the Raccoon Network Metaverse Ecosystem.