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What is Raccoon Network?

The information about Raccoon Network
Good to know: We're providing a brief overview of Raccoon Network and its core use cases is a great place to start with product docs. But you could contact us in the group or using Email if you want to know more details.
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Getting Started

The Raccoon network is an open world that is an all-new metaverse where players can build, own and monetize their data.
n the era of WEB2.0, we are tired of endless registration, login, and authentication. Tired of all kinds of spam advertisements. Our personal information has become a peddling commodity unknowingly.
in front of big data, we seem to be ripped off Bare clothes and powerless, our assets are just data in our servers, at risk of being stolen and wiped at any time.
Fortunately, with the development of blockchain technology, we have ushered in the era of WEB3.0, the Internet is being upgraded to a metaverse, and the ownership of data and assets will truly be returned to users.
Raccoon Network is such a new, open metaverse. In the world of Raccoon Network, users do not need to bind their real identities, and everyone's privacy is absolutely protected. People can interact with other people just like in real life, work, and live in the raccoon network.
All the behaviors of players will be recorded on the blockchain, forming various valuable data, and then turning them into various digital assets.
More important thing: The Raccoon Network is not a pre-programmed program, and everyone's actions will affect his development, which means that everyone is the creator of the metaverse.

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